History of BCU and Balkan Cycling Games

Balkan Cycling Union 

The Balkan Games are a regional multi-sport event held between nations from the Balkans. The first Games were held in Athens in 1929.

For the first time it was discussed the possibility of organizing the Balkan athletic games in 1924. at the annual meeting of the Yugoslav athletic association.  The idea went public in 1927, when the Bulgarian National Federation proposed the organization of competitions of young people from all the countries of the Balkans.

The same year, Yugoslavia suggests organization of the swimming championships of Balkans in Split. One  year later in 1928 prior to the Olimpic games in Amsterdam , the Greek Alliance launches campaign to maintain the Balkan Games. At a meeting in Amsterdam immediately after the Olympic Games , representatives of the Balkan countries have unanimously decided that in 1929 will be organized Balkan games. The competition was held in Athens as  Balkan Games in athletics . In these games, the athletes participated from Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia and Turkey.  After the competition, participants made ​​ official propositions for Balkan Games. These propositions are determined to be held in Athletics every year and the countries which will participate in the games must send a minimum of 20 participants and a supervisor. At that time was  issued a statement confirming the equality of all participants in the games. It was agreed that in future Balkan games will be organized  in those sports that are present in the Balkan countries.

The first official game in Athletics were held in Athens in 1929 year. From then until the 1940s were held 11 such competitions . Before World War II Balkan games were held in: wrestling ( 6 times) , football ( 7 times) and cycling ( 1 time ) . After the end of World War II games are updated , so that in 1946. were held in gymnastics, soccer, volleyball , swimming, water polo , archery and chess , and in 1947. extended to boxing and skiing . Athletics were restored in 1953. during the 12th Balkan game in Athens. In in 1947. the first half in 1948. competition in some sports have been expanded with participants from Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland , and are held as the Balkans – Central Europe games . Later were included:  basketball ( in 1959. Men , and in 1963. Women ) , Tennis ( 1960s. While for men in 1966. Women ) Football (1964 ) Automotive (1969 ) and cycling (1971 ).

At 1998, during Tour of Yugoslavia, on the initiative of  representatives of Cycling federation of Yugoslavia, meeting between National Cycling federations from balkans was held in Pristina. It was agreed to start with Balkan Cycling Championships, and to establish Balkan Cycling Union.


1999-2002: Greece - Karanpetsos

2003-2006: Greece - Karanpetsos

2007-2010: Greece -

2011-2016: Turkey - Emin Mouftogulu

2017-2020: FYROM - Sasho Dimitrijoski





Balkan Cycling Championships 

-1971: Sofia, Bulgaria;

-1972: Bucharest, Romania;

-1973: Istanbul, Turkey;

-1974: Krusevac and Kraljevo, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia;

-1975: Rhodes, Greece;

-1976: Sofia, Bulgaria;

-1977: Ploesti and Brasov, Romania;

-1978: Turkey;

-1979: Greece;

-1980: Kranja, Slovenia, SFR Yugoslavia;

-1981: Gabrovo, Bulgaria;

-1982-1988 – no information

-1989: Rodhos Greece

-1999: Romania;

-2000: BelgradeSerbia

-2001: Turkey;

-2002: Greece;

-2003: Banja Luka; Bosnia and Herzegovina;

-2004: Turkey;

-2005: Kazanlak, Bulgaria - Road,
            Bijelo Polje, Montenegro-MTB

-2006: Novi Pazar, Serbia;

-2007: Korce, Albania;

-2008: Bitola, FYR of Macedonia;

-2009: Tekirdag, Turkey – Road,
             Niksic, Montenegro-MTB;

-2010: Beograd, Serbia – Road,
            Crna Trava, Serbia – MTB;

-2011: Beograd, Serbia – Road,
            Novi Pazar, Serbia – MTB;

-2012: Belgrade, Serbia – Road,
            Istanbul, Turkey – MTB;

-2013: Belgrade –Cacak, Serbia – (E)-Road,
             Mircurea Cuic, Roamania – (Junior, Cadets)- Road, 
             Pamporovo,Bulgaria – MTB;

-2014: Nis, Serbia – road (E, J, C),
            Skopje, FYR of Macedonia – MTB;

-2015: Belgrade –Banja Luka II race, Bosnia and Herzegovina-Road,
            Edirne, Turkey (Junior,Cadets) – Road,
            Naoussa, Greece – MTB; 
            Athens, Greece – Track;

-2016: Elbasan, Albania (E),
            Edirne, Turkey (Junior,Cadets) – Road,
            Bijelo Polje, Montenegro – MTB,
            Athens, Greece – Track.